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I have a big problem.
I have try to ripp the FMVs from FFX but that didn't work.

The FFX2Mov and FFXripper Tools doesn't work with my German Platium Version (invalid Disk size)

Then i have tried to ripp FFX and FFX-2 with the FFX universal File extractor v2.5.
the FFX-2 Videos works with the PSS Player, but not the FFX Videos.

Ok then i have use the Console Rip Converter by neness2000 & sonix.
The Unnamed File searcher found a big .pssx file around 560MB and lots of small pssx files around 2-12 KB

How i can convert the FMVs in a playable Format?


Sorry for my english... i'm tired -.-
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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