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Hello guys,

New here and I have some trouble with running Ridge Racer 7 on RPCS3 under Linux, specifically Ubuntu 19.04 with kernel 5.0.

Hardware is:
Ryzen7 2700 3.2GHz / 16GB RAM / AMD Radeon RX580

I have the latest drivers, all that is working fine, running with Vulkan as the renderer, not OpenGL.

I do get between 30-60FPS depending on the situation in the game if I'm in the menu its 60FPS if I'm racing its anything between 30-60FPS depending on how "intensive" it is at the moment.
My big problem is the audio stuttering, in the menus and intro sequence it runs great, but when I'm racing both speech, sound effects and music are laggy.

I have attached the text log file from the emulator, anyone that has any suggestions on how to fix the issue?

Many thanks!


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Can you demonstrate that there is a legitimate issue?
PS3 emulation is still maturing and requires very high cpu clockspeed on a high ipc processor, can you show a processor of equivelant speed running the game well?
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