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Rice has released a beta version of his progressing N64 gpu plugin which hopefully fixes the texture problems in SSB64. Here's what Rice had to say:
  • I don't want to release it as an official version, but rather as a beta version, so you guys can try and see if it can solve the base texture replication problems which was encountered in Super Smash Brothers 64.

    The new debugger version has also been uploaded to the official 6.1.0 thread.

    To fix the problem I am talking about here for SSB 64, you need to redump the related textures. The plugin will dump the base textures, not the replicated and enlarged textures. Texture enhancement works should be done on these new dumpped base textures.

    If you want to use the debugger DLL to dump the texture, you need to find the base texture files under your D:\. The image shown in the popup image viewer window is not the base texture, but the whole replicated and enlarged texture.

    You still need to enable the option "Try to Use Smaller Textures (faster)" in order for the new hires textures to work. You must also disable the option "Alternative texture size calculation".
» Click <A HREF="">here</A> to download Rice Video 6.1.1 beta2
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