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This is a bugfix of Rice Video 6.0.0

go to -->


6.0.0c- (bugfix)


What's new:

- Software vertex clipper problem fixes.
- OpenGL fragment program extension (Pixel shader in OpenGL)
- An optional Z coordinate hack for the near plane clipping problems in some games without using near plane vertex clipping

OpenGL finally gets to similar degree as DirectX. It is actually faster on my PC because I don't have to use software vertex clipper with it. OpenGL will do the vertex clipping. It still does not support frame buffer effects yet.

But, in order to use the new OpenGL pixel shader feature, you need to good video card to support OpenGL ARB_Fragment_Program extension. Radeon 9500 and better from ATI, and FX 5200 and better from Nvida will do it.

I have no plan to support frame buffer effects in OpenGL, and I will take a long break from this project after this release.

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