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reviews of the year!

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listen ti this guys reviews of some n64 games i found while surfing the net this site has got to get a better reviwer....or transolater anyway i think its hilarios

xena warrior princess

On Personal is sex - bomb Lara kroft, and on Nintendo64 than worse? :)) That to whom likes Tomb Rider, that will like also this game. It is a lot of the characters - not only girl;)

3D virtua pool

3D biljard. Who is interesting to play in the company - more beautiful or faster will drive a ball in hole.


A trade Mark, Immortal Italian plumber, chronic salvor of the same princes... The first game on N64, which has struck minds many with the three-regularity and interestings. By this arcade the monument should be put (Mario separately). Classics. To swing first of all!


"Somebody" could make magic, with the help of the leader goblin, force kidnaps the princes of "somebody". To struggle with such injustice, our main hero - young "somebody" decides. On his ways there is a set of obstacles and dangers, but gradually, step by step, young "somebody" will study sacraments of magic, will win and leader of goblins, will rescue princess and world of "somebody" The game with excellent 3D graphic, with set of special effects, uses all opportunities of a prefix. One of few quest, which need to download!

MY 100th POST!!!!!!
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