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Some people prefer a lightweight gui over an over-the-top fancy gui or 3d one.

In the end though the emulation is what really matters, a prettier GUI is just a nice feature.
i agree with most part of that :p eventhough i know its a bad habit from C/C++ coders and the reason is quite obvious C/C++ is a pain even to create a simple GUI as it requires you to write a "Small Bible" so to say in order to have a crappy GUI at least. i can understand that as am a C/C++ coder myself.

anyways i think sometimes is laziness or just lack of GUI design knowledge to create something acceptable. in my case GUI design is more than that... its a passion to say the least as i love to create my own controls and even the logic behind and don´t limit myself with the Windows/coding tools ones :thumb:

anyways you have a nice point there but many other people see that different and nowdays you believe it or not graphics/GUI design is turning into a very important area as its required everywhere. to me a great coded Emulator with a crappy GUI can be viewed that way:

The Emulator(powerfull ferrai-enzo engine):

The GUI(a Fiat-Panda shape):

to my eyes it simple doesn´t match toguether but it depends on people views :evil: :evil: :evil:
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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