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RetroCopy v0.300B Released

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RetroCopy v0.300B has been released. This one has quite a few major additions.

Here is what's new
-Added cycle accurate NES emulation. Not perfect yet but most USA mappers have been added and most USA games work. Import your NES games to the .GAME format the same way you do for the SMS games.
-Added 3D virtual game room with dynamic pixel lighting and 3D sound. Select a TV to play on and load a game. Automatic detection of modern cards should still allow old 3D cards to run RetroCopy
-Allowed multiple systems to be run at same time which required reworking the main emulator thread
-Reduced EXE size by removing some unused visual assets from RetroCopy like the old 2D TV
-Added new camera class that has a lot more functionality and improved view of the 3D world
-Fixed bug in sound core which forced all cores to use same output buffer resulting in distortion with multiple games
-Moved sound to its own thread to offload 3D sound and general audio processing from the emulator thread
-Fixed bug in SMSVDP v1 where SMSVDP2 video modes were allowed
-Fixed bug in SMSVDP v1 with the last 4 sprites only being zoomed vertically
-Added .3DS loader and got rid of the milkshape 3d loader because the model format breaks often. Now specular lighting and other effects are better
-Improved movement in 3D world by increasing speed and ensuring framerate has no effect on precision. Also simulated popular FPS games like CounterStrike with left shift allowing slower movement in the 3D world
-Fixed bug which allowed you to zoom into the middle of the 3D game boxes
-Fixed bug in audio not being completed reversed when rewinding, Sound quality is now much improved when rewinding
-Added mipmaps to 3D modes which generally increases quality. If you have a card capable of Anisotropic filtering it will be enabled by default which further increases quality
-Reworked ROM browsing/loading interface. Now you have to select a TV before the ROM browser appears. It is now also shown transparently over the virtual gameroom
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this is getting really cool.
keep up the good work :thumb:
I love it :D

Great work :)
Great stuff.
I would love to see some more systems emulated, any planned ?
Systems like, Atari 2600 ( I know theres stella), 5200, 7800, Colecovision, Intellivision, Vectrex, etc..
Yeah there are more systems planned. Gamegear will make an appearance soon (obviously), as will likely Coleco/SG1000. I also have quite an affinity with Mega Drive and SNES.

Just depends how much help I get in the other areas as to how quickly other systems are added. Every system will only be supported through the GAME format also, which takes considerable time and effort in finding people to help with knowing game settings. Even though this is my fulltime job at the moment, still hard to find the time to do everything! :)
RetroRalph, I've got some issue with this version.

0.100B and 0.200B are running perfectly fine.

But 0.300B doesn't start at all (the hard disk works for a long time at startup like the other version, but when the menu appear on the other, on the 0.300B... nothing), I have to kill it with ctrl alt del, even worse, my computer is very slow after that, until a reboot...

My Spec:
Core duo T2300 @1.66Ghz (I use it at 1.00Ghz).
1GB ram.
Ati X1400.

The error logs (stderr.log or something like that) are empty...

Do you know why I have this issue?

Another info I've copied my .game sms roms, maybe I need to do another full import?

Anyway, thanks for this promising new release and keep up the good work. :)
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If the system is still slow after you've gotten rid of it , it points to an OpenGL issue. Have you tried a different driver?
I've released a WIP picture from the upcoming v0.400 of RetroCopy that I thought might interest some here.

WIP September 17, 2009 - Retro Arcade - RetroCopy Blog

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How do you go about converting or importing .nes games as a .GAME file?
You just drop the .NES files into the IMPORT directory. Run gameconvert.exe and where it says SYSTEM select Nintendo. Then click the import button.

I used GoodNES to preprocess my NES files, so if you have similar NES files it should be fine for most games. If you find a game which isn't being imported then you can add it manually with "add game to database" then click import again. Eventually the .NES header won't matter and all valid games will be imported, but I need someone or myself to go over the NES files and process them.

Also the next step is to do the converting seamlessly in retrocopy, so that you just drop .NES files into the NES directory and it automatically converts them.
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