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Retro Danuart Amstrad longplays

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Long, long ago there was a time when men who wanted to prove their courage and be named knights of the King had to pass the most daunting tests. Nevertheless, the hardest trials were reserved for a specially chosed elite.

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Commander Serena's mission is to rescue his fellow expedition captured on Moon 4 of the Sotpok System, better known as the world of Phantis, an unusual place inhabited by hostile fauna and exuberant flora.

Four elements of the 20th century have entered the world of Camelot. The voice of another world, the mirror of wisdom, the elixir of life, and the fire that does not burn.

Guide 007 as he fights it out on Cray Cay, over Miami bay and underwater, on his way to the final confrontation in 18-wheel oil tankers.

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