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restrictions on forums doin my nut in

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Is it me or are there to many restrictions on what u can openly talk about in forums i was kicked recently for talking about chav culture i got told it was "racist" eh?????. has it always been like this!? (and are chavs a seperate race?)
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it didnt occur here i was just after a discussion about forums in general the internet shouldnt be a place to heavily sensor light subjects as soon as someone says warez or ethnic minorities everyone goes oh my god u cant say that DO NOT TALK ABOUT WAREZ OR ETHNIC MINORITIES ive never requested warez im not stupid enough i know how and where to get things myself, dont u wince when someone mentions warez, why? i love forums but the moderator censorship bugs me surely most of us can self censor if anyone asks for warez we can simply say "sorry mate thats illegal" not shout down there neck.
Sorry about lack of full stops.Id just got back from a night shift stocking shelves,and was pretty tired.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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