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I watched a few movie footages on YouTube about Resident Evil: Rebirth (Remake) emulated and I wanted to try an old dump a friend made from my original discs. I tried with the following Dolphin versions:

x64 3659
x64 2740
x86 3659

but none of them seems to work

My configuration is:
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 x64
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40Ghz
4 GB of RAM
ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series

I tried playing a bit with setting but that didn't seem to work. I can see the first screen of the game where it says "This game contains strong language and scenes of explicit violence and gore"

I get this error with version x64 3659

BackPatch - no support for operand size 2

Error encountered accessing emulated address 82000000.
Culprit instruction:
movzx eax, word ptr ds:[rbx+rcx]
at 000000000c7e7ae2With ver. x64 2740
I get no errors after the initial screen but the game just won't load.

With ver. x86 3659 the emulator just crashes after showing the initial screen.

The dump was made from an American disc so I guess it's NTSC (also the emulators show an American flag).

I'm not a genius but I have to admit I feel kinda silly cos others can make it work and I can't!!!

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As I mentioned in the last thread, have you disabled panic handlers in the general configuration?

If you don't have the latest revision, download revision 3862 from someone and disable panic handlers as mentioned.

I believe these errors only occur with panic handlers enabled. :)
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