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I was in Gamestop today and saw this: Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil: Nintendo Wii: Video Games

From the case it looks like Resident Evil Remake ported to the Wii. If it is a port, what has been added that makes it different than the Gamecube version besides lame motion controls possibly being tacked on?

What is this game about, should I consider purchasing it?
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it's just a port, nothing new added I believe.

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Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil Remake were ported (Zero wasn't released in America/Europe yet) to the Wii with motion controls added and.... well, nothing else. No widescreen support, no 480p, no new stuff.

IGN said:
General Features
- The Original, Reborn: This is a Wii version of the classic Resident Evil remake, originally released on GameCube in 2002 which featured new rooms, areas, items and creatures that were not included in the PlayStation original released in 1996

- Survival of the Fittest: Battle against putrid zombies, infected dogs and horrific gigantic bosses as you struggle to survive

- Defense Weapons: Defensive weapons protect characters when being attacked
Your Favorite Resident Evil Characters on the Wii: Play as Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, who each uncover two completely different paths as they explore deep within the horrific mansion

- In-depth Puzzles: Solve dangerous, intricate puzzles and uncover terrifying secrets
More than 10 Different Game Endings: Unique endings dependent upon play decisions and successes
So, if you've already played the Gamecube version, there's nothing new here for you.

GamesRadar said:
You'll love

* Refined version of awesome original
* Wii controls!
* Still scary

You'll hate

* Nothing new over GameCube version
* Wii controls actually suck
* Won't convert the unconverted
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