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Resident Evil 4 NTSC - SVN 4361 and 4374

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Very pleased to see progress on this game.

Chapter 3-1, Water Room

Freeze occurs when stepping on the right (East) floor button, but no problem stepping on the left. The freeze occurs either when Leon is alone, or together with Ashley. I can't get any further. I would like to know if others have this problem or found a work-around.

My System Information is:

Dolphin Revision: Both 4361 and 4374 x86 (not JITIL)

CD/DVD Drive1: E:
CD/DVD Drive2: F:

Processor Information:
GenuineIntel, 4 cores, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, 64-bit support

Plugin Information

Default GFX Plugin: Plugins/Plugin_VideoOGL.dll
Default DSP Plugin: Plugins/Plugin_DSP_HLE.dll
Default PAD Plugin: Plugins/Plugin_PadSimple.dll
Default WiiMote Plugin: Plugins/Plugin_Wiimote.dll

Current GFX Plugin: Plugins/Plugin_VideoOGL.dll
Current DSP Plugin: Plugins/Plugin_DSP_HLE.dll
Current PAD Plugin[0]: Plugins/Plugin_nJoy_SDL.dll
Current PAD Plugin[1]: Plugins/Plugin_nJoy_SDL.dll
Current PAD Plugin[2]: Plugins/Plugin_nJoy_SDL.dll
Current PAD Plugin[3]: Plugins/Plugin_nJoy_SDL.dll
Current WiiMote Plugin[0]: Plugins/Plugin_Wiimote.dll

Dolphin Settings

Always HLE Bios: True
Use Dynarec: True
Use Dual Core: True
DSP Thread: True
Skip Idle: True
Lock Threads: False
Use Dual Core: True
Default GCM: D:\Games\Dolphin\Games/Resident Evil Zero NTSC Disc 1.gcz
DVD Root:
Optimize Quantizers: False
Enable Cheats: False
Selected Language: 0
Memcard A: ./User/GC/MemoryCardA.USA.raw
Memcard B: ./User/GC/MemoryCardB.USA.raw
Slot A: 1
Slot B: 2
Serial Port 1: 0
Run Compare Server: False
Run Compare Client: False
TLB Hack: False
Frame Limit: 0
[Wii]Widescreen: False
[Wii]Progressive Scan: False
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try with the Dx9 Plugin.. i hope you got more fps ;)
JITIL seems to work with 4384. I through the end of Chapter 3-1 without a problem. JITIL may also work in earlier versions, but I haven't tested it.
Just out of curiosity, has anyone completed this game in 4384? I was just wondering if it was indeed fully playable.
It's playable to the end with 4384 JITIL, x86.
thanks :) I didn't even know it had become playable yet. Gotta make a plan to get this one now heh :p
I've been playing the Wii Edition. I'm at the sewers (3-2) and zero glitches thus far. Btw, anyone successfully finish the Wii Edition? I'm assuming it's probably fine.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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