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Hmmm....It works fine for me

The Configs i have is
Petes OpenGl1.51
1024x768 32bit
Texture Quality the last one in the options
Filtering 3 <---Choose this mode its really good
Cathing Type 3
Use Fps Limit
Auto Detect Fps/Framerate
Off Screen Drwaing 3
Gfx Card Buffer
Alpha Multi-Pass
Full Vram Primitive

Petes DircectSound1.10
Peted 1.6 CdROM - Use Asyc Read Mode <----IMPOVE FPS ALOT AND MDECS:D
GeForce2MX/MX 400

Oh yeah i used the Detenator 12.xx and 14.xx all works fine
And used the CD-ROM no iso i havent tested if this dosent work email me i have another way of getting the same result.If u have problems with the mdecs email me too if there are weird stuff on the top and bottom.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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