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Resident Evil 3

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I just downloaded ePSXe and tried to run Res 3 on it. I can't seem to get any good settings for it. I got a Voodoo 3 16MB, PIII 600 and 128 RAM. What plugins or seetings do you pros reccomend for this newbie?
I converted the game to a .BIN file and ran it from the hard drive and the sound was ver choppy during the Intro and there was no speech (hence no story).
Is it because I got the SCPH1000 Bios and not the SCPH1001?
Sorry if it seems like I'm complaining, ut I'm completely new to this and don't know the capailities of this emulator.


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As far as I know the differneces are the country that it was made in, ie Pal NTSC JAP , and to add various inprovments over the years eg dual shock pads etc..

Could somebody back me up on this?
Thanks for the second opinion. BTW out of curiousity, I take it that the emulators must have a mod chip or something if an american bios runs Pal games. Is this what stops games with anti-mod (libcrypt) protection from working or am I mad?
Re: Re: Resident Evil 3

Originally posted by hoyoyo80
Try vgs instead...
No offense but

1. It costs money
2. Its only in software
3. If I what that quality of graphics all I need to do is plug my psx into my tv card.

Thanks ... but no thanks
even if it is dead so will you be if one of the mods catches you posting warez sites.
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