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Resident Evil 3

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I just downloaded ePSXe and tried to run Res 3 on it. I can't seem to get any good settings for it. I got a Voodoo 3 16MB, PIII 600 and 128 RAM. What plugins or seetings do you pros reccomend for this newbie?
I converted the game to a .BIN file and ran it from the hard drive and the sound was ver choppy during the Intro and there was no speech (hence no story).
Is it because I got the SCPH1000 Bios and not the SCPH1001?
Sorry if it seems like I'm complaining, ut I'm completely new to this and don't know the capailities of this emulator.


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i hope this is allow, since vgs is dead, you could download it at uwizone
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