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What is the correct configuration of Glide Wonder + + to play Resident Evil 2?
I'm using this configuration:

But there are parts where the screen flashes.

I configured exactly as Mudlord said:
"First of all, use Mupen64, with Jabo's RSP, and Azimer's HLE plugins.
Secondly, use Glide64 Wonder ++ with the wrapper attached to this post (and ONLY this build, the official build will not work. This build has support for using HWFBE to write into the depth buffer, which is needed for perfect graphics with this game)
Thirdly, modify the [Resident Evil II] section in Glide64.ini, and change fb_smart to equal 1 (eg. fb_smart=1).
Finally, enable "hardware framebuffer emulation" in Glide64."

Another question:
Someone could explain me how to use the Zeckensack's Glide Wrapper?
I saw that he is very good to emulate RE2, then I've downloaded the 0.84c version, but I am not knowing how to use it.

1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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