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RESIDENT EVIL 2, Rice video, Glide64 depth problem fix + Seteo3D...

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Ok I'm using iZ3D free stereo 3D drivers on anaglyph settings to make any game play in 3D but it only works if the game uses DirectX9. I'm trying to play Resident Evil 2 (E) and it works in 3D with the Rice Video DX9 plugin except the game has a video depth problem where objects are see through and the only way to fix the depth problem is with Glide64 Wonder ++ combined with a custom wrapper setting and glide3x.dll file in the PJ64 main directory. The problem is Glide64 doesn't use DX9 so I can't get the 3D working and the video depth problem to go away at the same time. I need to get the glide64 wrapper working with the Rice DX9 plugin or the Glide64 plugin to use DX9 as an option. Does anyone know how to accomplish this. Thanks to anybody who can help, I've been working on this for about a week and I'm so close to getting it.
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the glide wrapper is OpenGL only. Glide64 will only with a voodoo or Glide wrapper.

....none of the currently released plugins work with RE2 properly anyway, having numerous depth and z compare issues.
Actaully it's not an official release but modified, MudLawrd explained how to get glide64 working with RE2 perfectly in this thread...

He has a fix for RE2 with a modified wrapper, glide3x.dll

Game looks great after following his instructions and I fixed the sound problem so I haven't seen a single glitch playing with his configuration.

So the wrapper can't work in DX9 any possible way I guess? Well, maybe somebody has a solution. There's got to be a way to fix that depth problem with a DX9 plugin.
The wrapper is incomplete, i was testing it for him and found numerous issues with the depth compare.
This is rediculous, so this game is out for PS1, N64, Gamecube, and PC and I can't get any of them working perfectly in 3D when I can get almost any other game working if it's on just one of those platforms. I guess I'll just play through it in 3D with the depth problem for now, until iZ3D starts supporting OpenGL or someone I've mentioned this problem to responds with a way to make it work.
Mud already knows the FBO needs to be reimplemented, its just a matter of him wanting to get around to it.
Yeah, I guess my timing just sucks on this because he's nowhere to be found these days. I would actually pay him if he could get this to work at this point.
I will give this a try when my new video card comes, with open GL

To install Glide64:

Unpack the distribution somewhere (as you read this text, you probably already did it)
Copy everything from the 'Plugin' folder, into the folder, where all your N64 plugins are stored. This is usually the 'Plugin' sub-folder in your emulator's folder, e.g. Project64\Plugin
For OpenGL rendering, copy glide3x.dll from the 'Wrapper' folder, into your emulator's folder.

Very simple to setup

Mabe i will ditch my voodoo 2 card if it works lol, Sell it mabe!

I will let you know how it gose!
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Glide64's wrapper is glide64 only, it won't work with over 3DFX titles.
If you wish to fix some audio problems with RE2, Go into rom setings put every think on default and set

counter factor to 2, "Not 1"

Works 4 me!
Counterfactor 1 is what fixes the RE2 audio in pj64, why setting it otherwise helps you..... who knows....
Hey guys, actually after realizing that I cannot get the glide64 wrapper to work with my 3D drivers I decided to try getting the 3D to work for Resident Evil 2 on Gamecube using the Dolphin emulator again. I finally got it. Nvidia stereo 3D drivers work even on some OpenGL games but only if they are displaying in fullscreen. I ended up using an old build of DolphinWx, SVN 2195. It works better with 3D drivers than any other build I've seen. Now RE2 works almost perfectly, there's still a music audio glitch but I prefer playing without the music anyway. Just turned it off in game settings and finally I've got the game working just the way I intended.

When I tried to use the glide64 wrapper with the 3D drivers on PJ64 and Mupen, all the game characters were transparent and flashing different colors. It's good I got it working in the Dolphin emulator because they're coming out with a remake of RE2 called Darkside Chronicles for Wii, Dolphin will support Wii games soon so it ought to be interesting. By the way I have a S-Video cable I bought for like 13$ from OfficeMax that lets me plug my PC up to my 25,000$ HD home theater projection system so Playing this in 3D with surround sound on a 12 Foot screen will be sick.
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Counterfactor 1 is what fixes the RE2 audio in pj64, why setting it otherwise helps you..... who knows....
It's weard, counerfactor 2 dose fix the audio big time, it may work for some people not all, Ok 760 Mb of ram a get a scratching sound in talking sequence, when i tryed 1 & 1/2 GB of ram it is perfect...

My main onbord intel they is no video and depth buffer render you can see the leon through the cars and things... but with my voodoo 2 video card the video play's and also fixes the depth buffer render problem!, just like the playstation version.

I would say the game a near prefect with this combernation :thumb:!

I would like also to give this a try when my new video card come through.

Wow man i would realy like a projection system but in the uk is about £750 without a screen
correction, the scratching sound in talking sequence was in project64 1.6, as i use project64 1.7 beta from while agow... It dose work, But Conter factor bean on 2 dose fix the talking bean there anyway.
pj64 has a new Vi config which you can use to overclock games, by some amount.
pj64 has a new Vi config which you can use to overclock games, by some amount.
I would like to see his over imporvments in 2010, Is it not good to overclock games i wonder?
Wow man i would realy like a projection system but in the uk is about £750 without a screen
You should check out I think it's .org, if not try .net or .com. Anyway my neighbors got a pretty decent projection system from craigslist for just a couple hundred dollars. All you really need is a white sheet and the projector if you want to ghetto rig it. I kinda went all out on mine :wub::thumb:
Well my new pny geforce 8400GS 512mb DDR2 PCI not express, Works very well with the new

I can see the video and play the game with more deph and speed, No glitch in sound!, As i sed conterfactor set to 2 works!

Make sure you replace the guild3x as well as the plugins

Some pic two of video, One of deph fix in guild3x... you can not see through the car!

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What is the correct configuration of Glide Wonder + + to play Resident Evil 2?
I'm using this configuration:

But there are parts where the screen flashes.

I configured exactly as Mudlord said:
"First of all, use Mupen64, with Jabo's RSP, and Azimer's HLE plugins.
Secondly, use Glide64 Wonder ++ with the wrapper attached to this post (and ONLY this build, the official build will not work. This build has support for using HWFBE to write into the depth buffer, which is needed for perfect graphics with this game)
Thirdly, modify the [Resident Evil II] section in Glide64.ini, and change fb_smart to equal 1 (eg. fb_smart=1).
Finally, enable "hardware framebuffer emulation" in Glide64."

Another question:
Someone could explain me how to use the Zeckensack's Glide Wrapper?
I saw that he is very good to emulate RE2, then I've downloaded the 0.84c version, but I am not knowing how to use it.

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