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Resident Evil 2 PAL on new Dolphin revisions crash

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I have Resident Evil 2 PAL version for Gamecube and I downloaded the latest version of Dolphin r4019. I start the game without problems and a good speed but when it ask for Leon or Claire it says: "Cargando historia de Leon" (Loading Leon story) and then Dolphin Crash. I tried older version r2344 and this part works without the crash but the graphics are black and the game is not playable. Is there any solution for the last dolphin revision to get Resident Evil 2 playable without crashes or there is a specific old revision that is sure that this game works correctly, Resident Evil 2 PAL?

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Man, play that game in PC, or in other emulators!
What about trying to fix it in Dolphin ?
This kind of answers is pretty low...

Would be great if you could open an issue there : Issues - dolphin-emu - Project Hosting on Google Code
And even more awesome if you could test it on more revs to find a certain revision range that could have broke it :)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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