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First, I'm new to the forums.

Anyway, I've tried several different things to get a save file to work in RE2 PAL.
If I use the latest build of Dolphin r1623, RE2 does not work, so I have to use r1007. I have a save file that I imported from a gci so I can play the 4th survivor mode(mostly just to rip HUNK models). First, it shows no save games with memcardA(which has the save file) and memcardB is corrupt.
I tried a hex editor as I saw in another post, but I can't find the game id anywhere.

I just need to be able to play the 4th Suvivor or does anyone have a save state?

Sorry for seeming newbish. I have been using emulators for a long time(at least since the zsnes dos days lol) and this is my first jump into the Cube area.
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