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Resident evil 2 freezing problems

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i am new to using emulators and my friend set this one up for me mainly for FFVll. I decided to download resident evil 2 dual shock edition but it always freezes at the gun shop and i tried hitting esc and resuming but it was still frozen. My computer is a new Alienware M17x maxed out all except the graphics card which is only 1 Gb. The plugins im using are psx emulation cheater 2.5 with pete's openGL driver 1.77 for the video and eternal SPU plugin 1.41 for the sound and ePSXe CDR WNT/W2k core 1.7.0 for the cdrom. What can i do to fix this problem and i am not very technical with this stuff so i not really sure what im doing.
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Use ePSXe 1.6.0 instead of 1.7.0.

1.7 doesn't like it for some reason and locks up at random parts very frequently, and I happened to have been freezing at the exact same part as you, the moment the guy is supposed to say "Sorry about that, I thought you were one of them."
I had no problems at all in 1.6.0

Also, here are the sound settings I used to have the sound fully functional as well:
Plugin: Eternal SPU 1.5b2
Audio Device: Direct Sound
Buffer Size: 64
Audio Out Method: Thread
All 3 special game fixes enabled
"Wait for XA buffer is free" Enabled under "Misc" section
Neill's Reverb
--- On Select Sound Plugin Screen ---
Enable Sound
Enable CDDA Sound
Enable XA Sound
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