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Resident Evil 1 remake fully playable?

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Hello, I'm just wondering if Resident Evil 1 remake is fully playable on the Dolphin. If so which version should I get and what settings? Haven't played it in a real long time.

I tried it a wile ago everything was black except the character.
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im pretty sure it is with the latest version.
Hi, I tried it out and everything seems to be ok but the character models and the doors.

The character models literally looking like Mr.Fantastic from the Fantasic Four with his arms and body stretched all over, I'm not kidding :lol:

The door knoob also falls off and rolls to the side :lol:

I'm using default settings, any ideas?
disable optimize quanitizers?
Thanks, that did it. The only other problem is this loud weird scratchy sound sometimes. Do you know how to get rid of that?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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