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Hi there,

i've just recently started using epsxe and i've got a few games working. GT2, WWF smackdown 2 etc...

however, i'm having problems with resident evil 1. upon starting the game all i get is the disclaimer warning at the start and then a black screen with no sound. the cdrom seems to be reading but the game never starts. i thought it may be my cdrom drive but i've tried using my burner to read but the same thing happens :(

my current settings:

pete's opengl 1.55
null2's audio driver 1.3
internal epsxe w9x cdr
internal epsxe null net

1.2ghz amd tbird
512 mb pc133 ram
MSI geforce 3 64mb - running detonator v21.81
16x pioneer DVD
Plextor 12/10/32a CDRW
OS - Win98

any help would be appreciated. cheers!

EDIT - almost forgot to mention that i'm using the original cd. not copied. dunno if this would make a difference?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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