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I would like to know what wqould be the best configuration to play FF9 i have

P3 550 Mhz
256 SDRAM 133 Mhz
Voodoo 3 2000
dvd 10x
burner creative 8x/4x/32x
Soundcard pci 64
windows Me

Thanks in advance :emb:

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You need this plugin

GPU- Lewpy's
SPU- Null's or core spu(more stable)
cd-rom- core/pete's

The config. (it's not mine,someone gave me and i don't sure it will work on you,but try first)

For lewpy's :

Enable HotKeys : ON
Resolution : 640x480
Refresh Rate : 60
Emulate MASK Bit : OFF
Dynamic Texture Caching : ON
Custom FrameCap : 65
On-Screen Display : OFF
Frame Skip : OFF
FrameRate Limit : Custom
System Type : NTSC
FrameCap Method : New
Draw Method : Bright
Alpha Blending Mode : Advanced
Bilinear Filtering : Enabled without Sprites
BF - Adjust Sprites : ON
BF - Adjust Quads : ON
FrameBuffer Writes : ON
Off-Screen Drawing : ON
Polygon Mode : Textured
Texture Windows : ON
Texture Correction : ON
VSync : ON
Banshee Code : OFF
MDEC Format : Texture
Experimental Flipping : ON
FrontBuffer Rendering Fix : OFF
FF7 TextureWindow Fix : OFF
DMAChain Fix : Long


Driver Configuration
Attributes : 22050, 16bit
Buffer Length : 50
Block : 5

Use Reverb : ON
Reverse L/R : Depends on if your audio is coming out the wrong
For Win2K : Set OFF for Windows 95/98/ME, set ON for Windows
Mute XA/VAG Stream : OFF
Enable VAG Stream : ON
Linear Interpolation : OFF

for sound:

Misc Settings:
"Enable Sound" should be ON. "Enable CDDA Sound" should be OFF. "Enable XA
Sound" should be ON. "Enable XA Read" should be ON. "Enable SPU IRQ Hack"
should be OFF if you use the "ePSXe SPU Core" or ON if you are using
"Null2's Audio Driver".

Ok, thats it!!!
My poor suggestion!!!
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