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Request for FF9 save

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Does anyone have a save file for FF9 right after they complete Pointy Hats Village and returning back to the Dwarf Village on disc two -- sorry id on't know the correct names ....

Yeah, i'd copied form a disc and forgot to make sure that the files were not 'read only' - so if anyone else finds out they can't save - check that out - it'll probably solve your problem ....

Anyway, much appreciations and thanks !!

ps- you could send it to

[email protected]
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Hi, Schnapes. You can always visit Aldo's Tools and download his excellent "MemManager" & "MemoryConverter" utilities. There are also some other good memory managers/converters around. I especially liked "ConvertM". I downloaded that from PSXEmu ,but it was a very long time ago - I don't know if it's still there...
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