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As some of you might have noticed. I haven't been around as much lately. I've taken it upon myself to dive into the vast world of Linux for a while on basis to how much different it is from Windows.... any Windows. I thought I would report my findings to you all; the ever-deserving populous of ngemu!

On the first tile on the walk down the open source road. I ran into Ubuntu! Hi, I said but, silly me for talking to a screen. I installed it and had quite some fun with it for a while but still something didn't seem too different to me. I didn't really feel like I was using Linux. It felt like I was enjoying any normal OS with a graphical interface. NTFS drives automatically mounted, programs could be installed by the whim and wine worked(to a degree) and I only really used the terminal if I couldn't do something without it... which was almost never.

But, like all of my endeavors I need MISERY and TORMENT in order to learn!

so I reformatted and tossed the CD into my case and went on my merry way.

I looked inside my head for a bit and talked to my inner child. I asked him... what I should do next? He simply sat there and made stupid noises. Well for lack of reply, I thought I'd try a good old "set it all up yourself" distribution. So I picked out Arch Linux!

Running Arch is like building a car mentally by moving iron molecules into shape. It's hard; almost impossible if you don't have another computer sitting next to you. I could really never get it right and as it turned out. This is what Arch looks like after your install it!


[email protected]$:

and that's it! You get a command line and you have to deal with it! I got my misery factor all rolled up for me, and I accidentally formatted my main Vista drive.

SILLY ME! :lol:

No biggy, I've got all I need on backup on my other NTFS drive so I said PHOOEY on this and kept on going.

Next I picked up my Debian disk that had caused me dual-boot hell earlier. I thought; well if it's going on it's own HDD then there shouldn't be any problem, especially if I'm no longer dual-booting(I normally only play TF2 anyway and photoshop runs on wine). So I thought; why the hell not.

Well the first porage was too cold, the second; far too hot. This porage was juuuuuust right. Difficult and challenging but hopeful. I actually reccomend anyone with decent skills in coding or with Windows in general to try Debian over Ubuntu. The point of trying out something new is the challenge. I never expected Linux to be any better than Windows; just a different and new experience.

Now here's the good, and the bad::

-Difficulty - Hey, it gives you something to do. If you're bored right now, go partition and install a linux distro. You'll be busy all day installing things.

-Not for everyone- I felt my hair starting to go white after I struggled to install my ati drivers... over... and over again but like everything else. I finally figured it out and was so happy afterwards.

-It's hella faster than any Windows OS- Windows kind of trips over itself. I don't know if it's just me. I defragmented weekly and kept viruses in check but Windows still felt very bulky and clumsy. I did notice a huge speed boost when switching to linux. Firefox loads faster and just about everything comes up completely within.5 seconds of clicking on it.

-Customization- Running an open OS does really allow you to do anything within your knowledge, or anyone else's for that matter. If you want to do something and don't know how; there's more than likely someone on the internet that does and since just about every distro is either connected or branched off from another.... well I'll give you an example.

Ubuntu was based on Debian and since there are more Ubuntu users than there are Debian users; I found myself using Ubuntu methods while plugging in the differences to get where I needed to go. This is of course, if I couldn't find what I wanted from another Debian user. It's good to know that if someone has done it. It's possible for you or anyone else that really wants to do it.


Anyhoo; that's my spiel. I thought I'd let it out. :p

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Have you considered Ubuntu Server edition? I had to do a POC with that once and found out its not the Ubuntu that we all know and love ;)

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im Anti ALSA/Pulse Audio. they are the ultimate suckage of audio cores.
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