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WEll, Ryoga is now halfway through page 4 of 10 for his reseach paper due in 8 hours, damnit, if anyone just wants to give me a paper I could turn in, that would be nice :) just kidding, but I blame this on you Ryos, its your topic I took, comparing Grave of the Fireflies to actual events, and how hard it was to live in Japan at that time. This is all your fault, you should fail this paper, not me :)
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Ryos is not responsible for any failures of any NGEmu members but himself, and then only when he believes he is to blame for it. Any attempt to seek compensation for pursuing suggested interesting topics (most likely because of such events Ryos has control over, such as Ryoga playing games or going out with Ryoga's girlfriend) is sure to prompt only sympathy from a few and a few snickers from the many.

However, I do have one consolation. At least you didn't write a 27 page paper on Benito Mussolini, when you had absolutely zero prior knowledge of him. I'm still concerned what kind of grade I'll end up getting for that...:(
yeah, but I wish it was a little easier to find info on thier topic, there is one book I should get, but I don't have time now, and no library in the area has it.

edit: btw, I was joking in my post, I don't really blame you, its those damn Dinosaurs' fault.
Actually, it's an easy topic to research (which is one reason why I suggested it in the first place). I agree that it's a little too late to do research now, however.
maybe in your area its easy to reasearch, but here 90% of the books on WWII are on hiroshima, and our library, which is one of tha largest in the area, only has about 20 books on WWII total. And my teacher would kill me if I only used online sources
True, but online sources are better than insufficient sources.
Originally posted by Ryos
True, but online sources are better than insufficient sources.
I never said I have no sources, I founda few good sources, Specifically a book called "And I was there" with some very good spots to use, and some quotes of some Japanese admirals, specifically Yamamoto. Other than that tho, the other books I got out, suck as far as information goes.
Yamamoto was a cool guy... he predicted that Pearl Harbor would "awaken a sleeping giant," and opposed the attack.
Yamamoto had a number of other important parts in the war (that of course the recent media blitz regarding Pearl Harbor ignored). I particularly like how he had been to the U.S. and thus knew Japan would be SOL in a long confrontation - and even told his superiors that - and yet got ignored.
yeah, but like many people, he was pissed when the US had those 3 bomber's bomb Tokyo, weird thing was, from the quote I got he seemed less upset about the actual bombing, and more upset that the 3 B-25's got away.
Back to the topic: did you get the paper turned in on time?
yeah, barely, even got 2 hours of sleep, but I am going to fix up the paper this weekend, go in early on monday and switch papers on him :)
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