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Render mode in pete's opengl 2.9

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Excuse me for my english, i'm italian and i don't speak english very well.

I like to play with epsxe 1.70 with setting maxim (i have a geforce 8800 gxt, core duo e6750) but I 'dont know to thing it serves the option Render mode.

To have the maximum one of the quality what option I must choose?: 0 (Render to pbuffer texture) or 2 (Use framebuffer object....). thanks
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its not a quality option, its a performance option.

2 should be used on any hardware that supports opengl 1.5 (and support shaders)
Ok, thanks. We say that its should be used for hardware more performantis. Correct?
Yes, on cards that support it, it is the fastest mode.
Thanks. I would have other 3 question to do to complete the everything. To thing they serve the three options: 1) Off Screen Drawing 2)frameBuffer effect 3)FrameBuffer Upload and to how much I must plan her to have the maximum one some performances (1,2,3,ecc)?

which compatibility settings will give you the best performance? it depends on the game and your hardware. having it so all framebuffer effects are emulated can put a strain on lower-end hardware but the specs you posted should handle them fine. the other factor is the games you want to play, some perform better with certain settings and some perform worse.
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