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Remixes, good idea or bad?

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My question to y'all is.... Have you ever really enjoyed a game theme, or have you ever wanted game music on CD?

Personally, I'm an instrumental kinda guy... So I enjoy most game music.

In order to help further the discussion, I give you exhibits A and B, my favorite remixes.

Exhibit A: If you like the Macarena...

Exhibit B: If you have surround sound or earphones....
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First of all: OC Remix is a good site but 80% of their files are ill-thought or ill-compiled trash. Some good stuff like "Terra In Black", "Forever", "Dreaming on Distant Shores" being awesome.

But for commercial remixes, my opinion is the same as Indie Rock Pete: "Remixing is like admitting you were wrong."
well I liked a lot of songs for ff7 and goldeneye, never heard any remixes of them though

I know a good site for ost's but It has roms so cant post it poo
When the remixes are done well, they can be an interesting song to listen to, as much as (or in the rare case better than) the original interpretation. The problem is since anyone with the software CAN do a remix, as industrian mentioned, the quality of remixes is all over the map. I tend to go with the highly rated songs on VGMix and go from there. :p
I like instrumental music too... that's why I mostly listen to game music or classics :lol:
Around 80% are ill composed, like industrian said, but not all ill composed remixes are trash... some are just... ill composed :p
The worst remix I found so far on OCRemix is one of FFX in which the "remixer" just play a song from FFX and then do a "techno mix" by playing a techno sounding sound along the original song :lol:

I kept getting the feeling that nice music are getting ruined by senseless lyrics, especially in many modern songs :???: Anyone else gets that feeling?
BTW, I still downloaded all three torrents that OC Remix offer. That's a ****load of music right there. Certain files would actually pass off as "real" music such as the Castlevania remix "Dark Madness Resurrection" and Final Fantasy VII "Philharmonic Suite: Part I."

I'd post links to the one I really recommend, but I've just finished a six day week :beer:
This is one of my favourite songs, even though I never played anything beyond MegaMan 5 (yet):

Oh, and I may or may not make a remix one day myself. Used to track alot back in the Amiga days, but I'm too distracted these days even though I have modplug tracker installed and ready to go. All I made on the pc was a chip Metroid remix for a demo a friend made (I attached it). It's even based on another ocremix, but with chip sounds. You need a modplayer to play, WinAmp will work, unless you have the very basic one. :)
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