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Remember those 2 neo-geo games...........

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Remember back then, when people bragg about when;
-King of Fighters 2000
-Metal Slug 3, was gonna come out, for the neo-geo emulators! :rolleyes: Well I just wanted to know what's going to happen, with those roms:confused: .
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some weeks ago i remember looking for them over the net..... i only found one site that had the first filesof KOF 2001 ...... (thanks a lot pal! :mad: ) but i guess that are not available yet...
those roms are encrypted, they're trying to crack the encryption, but I haven't heard of much progress lately.
what's that kof 2001:eek: , get out of here!!!!! Some one must be pulling your leg man. But if you have any idea on KOF'2000 and Metal Slug 3, send me a reply;) .
heh, NeoRageX iz dead so me don't think they'll be playable on it, maybe MAME...
Hey Samor I see you got a new avatar:D
NeorageX was one of those perfected emulators, with hard work.:eek: . A big salute go's to the programmers:) .

But remember when "Mark of the Wolves" came out, I didn't notice that it would of worked on the NeorageX. But it worked after all:D
Originally posted by Bubsy
Hey Samor I see you got a new avatar:D
yes...Tails doesn't really belong on a psx forum though ;)
Damn! I forgot about knuckels! Yeah he is right, Knuckels rules! he's even better than Sonic
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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