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[Release] Snes9X Euphoria R2 - Bugfixes galore

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Via RetroEmu

Hey everyone. I would first of all like to say thank you for all the positive response towards my work and for all the bug reports.

For the record, I know I have been stated as saying use frameskip 3 to get good speed, but even without it it is faster than the previous snes emulator releases. I re-wrote parts of the renderer, I didn't just hike up frameskip and claim mine was faster. This might not be the case for every game and might not be by much, but it is faster.

Also I'm not doing this for a popularity stunt, or just to claim "mines better than yours". I am doing this because I love the Snes and want to see it emulated at proper speed on the PSP and was sad to see it abandoned. I do not claim to be the worlds greatest coder, or emulation guru. Like everyone else I am learning on a daily basis. Programming is a hobby for me, I don't do it for a living. I know there is a lot more work to be done, so please bear with me.

This build isn't really any faster than the previous one, it's mainly a stability release. I will be back to speed improvements in the next release.

Changes :

[+] Bug where you couldn't have more than 200 roms in the ROMS folder or the emulator would crash is now fixed. (I tested with 800 roms in there)

[+] Bug where the emulator would freeze then hard-power-off your PSP after trying to load more than 3 roms is now fixed. (I tried loading rom after rom at least 12 times with no issues)

[+] Bug where you couldn't return to the menu after running a game is now fixed. (thank god lol)

[+] Bug where emulator would hard-power-off PSP when exiting rather than return to the Xmb is now fixed (both in file menu and main menu)

[+] Bug where the emulator wouldn't start on Gen firmware fixed (tested by myself on 5.50GenC and Cmbeke on 5.50GenB)

[+] Possible minor speedups from code cleanup.

[+] Removed the intro screen for now. (will be configurable in the next build)

[+] Added the latest version of the snesadvance.dat file (Adds more speedhacks)
So that's it. It finally seems stable, I know this emulator has a bad rep for being terribly unstable but it really seems solid now.

I hope you enjoy this release and if you have any bugs please post them in the : Snes9X Euphoria - Official Forum

Note : To get the best performance I recommend the following settings :

Render : PSP Accelerated
Frameskip : 3 (frameskip @ 1 seems to be sufficient for most games to play at 60fps)

Note : The PSP Accelerated renderer can be buggy, it works fine in most games but certain games may have graphical errors which render them unplayable. If this happens I recommend switching to the PSP Accelerated + Aprox soft renderer.


If you downloaded the R2 release, please download the new R2.1 release as it fixes a bug with loading a new rom (it would crash the psp) - Same link

Download via Official Forum
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Zack rocks! You really did it! Good job! :p
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