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Via : RetroEmu

So I have been working on this for a bit tonight (I am really sick atm :()

However I did feel well enough to at least get out of bed for a few hours and wrap up Snes9X Euphoria for a release.
It is based off the last version of Snes9xTyl by rukka.

My main objective for this version was speed. A lot more can still be done to optimize the emulator and get more speed, but for now (given my health) this will have to do :)

The only game I have tested with my version is Kirby Super Star, which I know had terrible FPS with other Snes9X releases (usually < 30Fps)

With my build, using the following settings, Kirby Super Star runs @ a minimum of 44Fps and a max of 60fps with the usual fps being 50fps.

Settings :

Renderer : PSP Accelerated
FrameSkip : 3

This does not generate a jerky experience, it finally feels playable :)

Other testing :

Donkey Kong Country : Same settings as above :
Min FPS : 58
Max FPS : 60

The speedups should be global, every game should be a lot faster now

Future :

I plan on improving speed more, improving stability and applying the changes from Snes9X1.51 to Snes9X euphoria also (which is running off the 1.42 code base)

I hope you enjoy this release and if you have any bugs please post them in the : Snes9X Euphoria - Official Forum

There seems to be some graphical bugs in the menus in Kirby Super Star (and maybe other games), these will be fixed in later revisions.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the release :)

Download Via Snes9X Euphoria - Official Forum

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Hey, Zack! :p

Good job. Keep up the good work, man! :D
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