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Regen is an accuracy focused emulator which can emulate the following systems with very high degree of accuracy:
* Sega Genesis/MegaDrive
* Sega Master System
* Sega Game Gear
* Sega SC-3000
* Sega SG-1000

This is a quick maintenance release mainly to fix some stability issues. As before, there are three builds, normal, SSE2 optimized and the debug build. The SSE2 optimized build should now work on AMD processors that support SSE2 (there was bug in previous release which prevented this). The internal version number of Regen executable hasn't been changed so that the previous localization DLLs will keep working for this new release as well since it is mainly a bug fix release. It is recommended however that translators update their translations for this new release as it adds few new stuff as well.
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