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TheCompany updates posted @ 9:23 by flow | Message Board
For all of those who have been wondering what The Company has been up to, Dominator has some great news. He says:

In case you'd wonder about the Supra Hle project, here are a few informations about its progress. A couple days ago, I started working on Supra Hle again. The very last bug is now fixed and I am somehow glad to tell you that the 4 Mbits expansion pack is now 100% added.
What does it mean ? In theory, games such as Donkey Kong 64 or Zelda MoM that do require 8Mbits Rdram can be emulated if the appropriated patches are being applied. The necessary debugger and ini file commands are now 8Mbits compliant. As a matter of a fact, I'll now start trying to patch Zelda MoM and Dk64 (thanks to Azimer for the additional informations). Of course, I'll try my best to release the next Supra Hle version 1.1.0 with the appropriated ini patches. Another specific patch still needs to be worked out for Zelda MoM to work.
In addition to this some extra features should be applied. Some are already up and working.
Thanks For your attention.

well lets hope they succeed at it..
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