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I've noticed an increase in visitors recently in this area so i decided to write this post to clear few things to avoid confusions :)

first of all @ES is not dead and probably never will until i write a post saying otherwise. as of now am actively working on it again and i will definitely release a new version to show that the project is still alive. the progress is quite slow due to my small time and my constant tests of new technology which help me to improve my app. remember am coding this project for fun after all ;)

as some of you noticed coverpacks where removed as they are not needed anymore(i don't want them in my project either) and they were made for a old version of @ES using a custom CRC based encryption which i found out is way to slow for todays standards(my fault). however since quite a while i've been working in a new way to provide covers without the use of any coverpacks and you believe it or not i've found a nice way to get them without the need to download a full pack that is not just big but also contains covers you probably don't need. i've also contacted Xtreme for info on my host web space since am planning to add a way to upload your covers to my website(if you have a cover that ins't available) so that @ES can auto load those covers if the user wishes helping me to create a very nice covers resource. another way is a layer to fine-tune matches so you can choose from a list of matches the best cover for you.

the upcomming version support some online services such as Lastfm and IMDB but at the same time it has a very intelligent search mechanism that use Google as search engine to find covers or even videos of your favorite games allowing you to query those and automatically add them to your @ES covers folder. covers stored there use the standard SHA1 encryption and can be shared with other members if wished.

Audio files use tags to store the covers as well as video files. however some video files such as big .mkv ones aren't supported atm but am looking for a way to get it working too.

The upcomming version of @ES will not connect to the internet by itself unless the user start the layers or options that use it. therefore it will not use bandwidth unless the user decide to get info from the net. also no action in the background will connect to the internet unless the user start a background process using one of the options such as "Get covers(using Google as search engine for example)" and even then the user has the option to stop it anytime.

so.... that's all for now and see ya soon.
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