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Red Card Soccer 2003 [CC783B64]

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Red Card Soccer 2003 [SLUS_203.54]

this game is going ingame with gssoft, but you don't see a feck :lol:

Pcsx2 : date 10-04-2005 Recomp.
Gssoft : lastest names GSsoftbetasmallfix :)

When going ingame the output-windows repeats VU1 memory overflow!!: 40000

also notice the 3 ingame pics are still 1 frame further and those 3 frames took me atleast 5 minutes realtime :eyemove:

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here are the pics with gsdx9 :p
This is for Linuz :p

the latest beta broke the background :p

I'm posting some pics here with pcsx2 0.7 (other beta's are gone here) to compare them with the shots above

also the spikey drawn looks like a pcsx2 prob because gsdx9 and gssoft produces it :p
Pcsx2 13-04-2005: rec
Gsdx9 13-04-2005: ps3.0

the national flags are looking better in this build, only still not ingame with gsdx (didn't test gssoft so far)
with the today's release of linuz beta and gssoft,

Redcard goes ingame!

stadium is a little visible and it's running faster than before 0.01 to 0.41 = 4100% increase :p

else i get now 2 extra errors on the output , 1 i have captured and the 2nd one i couldn't capture and crashed pcsx2 (something like unhandled pms). The VU1 memory overlow still remains!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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