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Hey Ive got another question.
I wanted to record some dolphin gameplay and upload it to youtube but what is the best recording programm ? I tried Fraps and it has great quality and all but the videos are very huge. A 2 min vid was almost 4GB and thats a bit much isn't it? So how do you record Dolphin vids ?

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Use Fraps to record the initial video and then transcode it to a more compressed format using a program like VirtualDub.

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Use growler guncam. Has the very small impact on cpu load comapred to fraps (fraps is a recource hog), allowed for easy saving to divx wmv or avi at a small video file size, and works well. All my videos in the dolphin video thread is recorded with growler guncam.

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Ok I tried Growler Guncam and it has a good quality but I have some problems.
First NONE of my vids have sound and second it alwasy stops recording after about 15 seconds... Oh and another thing: My vids are ALWAYS too fast. They're almost at double speed but i selected "full" in the export options.
Any ideas why...?

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Really don't know man. I know the sound has to do with your actual audio. What i mean is that your playback options in audio must be on in whatever audio software/hardware you have. For example I have onboard realtek Audio. For sound to record and be heard I must go into the Realtek HD audio manager and Make Sure Realtek audio Input is set with atleast line volume or stereo mix unmuted. For vids being to fast etc not to sure about. Had you tried resetting your computer after installing? The recorder is amazing but it was designed for XP. I know some guys with it on vista and 7 but prob some special stuff that has to be done to get it to work there.

Here is what your suppose to do to get it to work in vista.

Here is a solution to that problem.

Step 1:
To begin, go to the following location on your computer:

C:/Program Files/Growler Guncam

In that folder you will see a Shortcut to run Growler Guncam (It will have the guncam logo next to it).

Step 2:
Go back to your desktop and and make a new folder called "Growler Guncam".
Now go back to "C:/Program Files/Growler Guncam", and copy that Growler Guncam shortcut into the folder that you just made on your desktop.

Step 3:
Now in that folder right click on the shortcut and click on properties.
Then click on compatibility, it's on the top of the properties window.

Step 4:
Check the box next to
Run this program in compatibility mode for:
Also check the box next to
Run this program as an administrator.

Now hit Apply, and then ok.

It all could just be options you have set in Guncam itself.
Here are the Options I have set for My guncam.

Setup Tab/ Sound Options

Sound Record Options
Record Sound checked
Recorded source Realtek HD Audio Input

Sound Playback
Play Sounds Checked
Realtek HD Audio Output

Setup Tab/Advanced Setup

Number of Frame buffers in Memory 200
Enable Record overlay Checked
Sound Trigers All Checked
Use Enhancements Checked

Capture Method
Use Direct X checked <--- Prob the culprit for that fast speed if you on another OS and don't also have the direct X9 files. It might be trying to use dirext 10 files? Who knows. Try "Use GDI" and see if that fixes the 15 seconds then cut off

Realtime Compressions
Fast Compression Version 2. <-- trick tinkering with this. maybe it doesn't like being compressed this much on your comp?

I don't know why it would stop after 15 seconds. For my computer a little green box shows up at top left of screen. As long as box is there its recording. I have my + button set to start recording and upon hitting it it can be turned off or on. Maybe you can deselect the "Select Capture triggers options and see if thats the culprit. Thats all I know. I'm out of options. Fraps would prob be best bet then if none of this helped.

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OK I know what the problem is. Its the DirectX plugin. Everytime I try to record a vid with the DirectX plugin it stops recording after like 15-20 seconds. When I use OGL plugin I can record as long as I want. Only problem: When recording with OGL I can't see anything. Just a black screen. So...
DirectX:Video stops recording after 15-20 secs
OGL: Black screen but I can record as long as I want...

Looks like Im stuck with Fraps...
But thx for your help anyway.
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