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Recompile Block too large

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Hi, I'm new in this forum, and I've just started with ePSXe, so, excuse if this question is too overviewed, but:

I have Final Fantasy 9 (PAL Spanish version) and I know I need a patch to make it work (I already downloaded the patch, and changed the names according to the CDs names, and also enabled the ppf option on ePSXe)
But, with or without the patches, I get a message that says "ePSXe (error) Recompile block too large", and then ePSXe shuts down.
Can u tell me if there's a solution for this problem?
Thanx in advance
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C'mon, can someone give me some help here?
BTW, before u ask, yes, I have played other games and they work fine (Megaman X4, Megaman X5, Tenchu, Dragon Ball GT)
yo, first off like to delp but cant and use the edit button to merge those two posts of yours, wait about an hour and youll get a response.
Please don't double post. And give the other members some time to respond. You waited less than 3 hours.

*EDIT* oops. Coolsvilleman beat me to it.
heh, i love how you guys only post to scold another member...what's more humorous is that you guys arent even mods or admins :lol:

anyway, recompile block too large eh...a bit of searching (a handy function) produced:

im guessing your ISO is crap. try playing it off the CD...and enable subchannel reading too (use Peops CD plugin)
Thank u
Finally someone post something actually usefull
But, the thig is that I'm playing right form the CD, and it's a new CD without a single scratch
But, anyway, I'll try what says in the post u gave me
How do u create that "images" that are mentioned?
use CloneCD or Alcohol120% (recommended) or ISOproducer or ISObuster (free) to make the images.
Well, I've tried the "create ISO" thing, but now I get a black screen
I've downloaded the ppf of FF9 Spanish, but it doesn't work either
Can someone give me the configs of PC and emulator tht I need to make FF9 work?
what are your computer specs? did you apply the PPF patch to the ISO? you can also play off CD if you enable subchannel reading.
My PC spec are:

AMD Semprom 2800
512 Mb RAM
2 GHz
HD 80 Gb
Windows XP installed

And yes, I have applied the ppf ISO files (I mean, those are supposed to apply automatically if I select the "Automatically apply ppf files " in the ePSXe toolbar, right?)
BTW, how do I enable subchannel reading?
if you're using Peops CD plugin, which i recommend, it hasa box, choose "read subchannels"
Reading subchannels didn't work either
Another issue is that I have FF8 and it doesn't work either
This one is US version, and it doesn't show the "Recompile block too large" message, but it stays on a black screen when I run the CD with the ePSXe.
Do u think my PC spec have something to do that this 2 games don't work on my emulator?
Then, the most probable cause would be your GPU(Video) settings.
Post it here.
For the video setting, I've tried both Pete's OpenGL driver 1.76 and 2.7, with the "Nice" configuration. But I don't think that would be the problem, do u think so?
That message about the Recompile Block Too Large might have to do with a bad or wrong image for your game or particular disc. Try using a patching program to apply the patch on the image, and if that fails, get a different patch, remake the image and do the same with the new patch. ePSXe is likely doing a dynamic recompilation in real time when using a patch with an unpatched image or CD, so that way you might avoid the cause of the error altogether. Just a warning...using a patching program, the patches will be permanent, so if it doesnt work, you will need a new copy of the image.
Well, I created an image and now I get a black screen. I don't think it has something to do with a scratched CD (believe me, the CD are perfect)
How about the FF8 thing?
Does it need a patch to work? (I'm talking about the US version)
FF8 NTSC U/C should NOT need any kind of patch to run. If it doesnt run off of an ISO then you likely have a problem with your video card or GPU plugin. What kind of video card are you using? Try Pete's Soft GPU on "Nice" also, and see if you get anything.

EDIT: A note about CDs... A scratch on the top of the CD is much worse than one on the bottom, so be sure to check for even minor scratches on the label side, as the data layer is close to the surface of a pressed disc.
For the video plugin, I'm using Pete's OpenGL driver 1.76 and 2.7. I thought the game work work with any of those.
For the video card, I have nVIDIA GForce FX 5500 128 Mb, isn't that strong enough?
Besides, i told you that any other game works fine, I have probs with the FF series (which is a shame cuz it's my favorite) ;_;
Yeah, your card should be great w/ the OGL plugins, but that doesn't mean there aren't weird problems with them sometimes. does your drive make weird noises if you try to run straight off of the CD? Does it play in a PSX?
No, the driver doesn't make any weird sound, it works normal as it does with other games. But, yeah, I've seen my CD on a PSX and it works well, so I can't find an explanation for this (specially for the FF8 thing)
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