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First and Foremost my comp specs are:

AMD athlon 800MHZ
128 MB SDRAM 133mhz
50x CD-Rom
Voodoo 3 2000 16mb
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live Value

As I ran Final Fantasy 9 I realize that when gameplay becomes intense and a lot of spells and stuff takes place sometimes I experience pauses and lags.

I heard some of you guys manage to play FF9 on vgs without slowdown or pauses. If you have system specs same or close to mines then tell me what I can do to help it. Else if you have a different comp spec and running FF9 all through without any slowdown then tell me your system specs too.

Your reply would be appreciated.

btw can VGS run ISOs? (just put yes or no, dont wanna be banned)

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Originally posted by Bahamut_Zero
If you want to play FF9 perfectly, you must have PIII
Says who? PIII is behind TBird.

I manage to run ff9 with no skips at all... with my Duron750

I should say your prob is with your Voodoo3 2000

My card is Voodoo 3 3000 and a Geforce 2 MX . The Geforce 2 Mx obviously working great with it, but the V3 3000 working not bad at all.

Long Live AMD!

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VGS is in software so the hardware doesnt count..

As long as you have a 2mb videocard you can play vgs.
Vgs doesnt use hardware acceleration at all!
What is more important is your cpu.
But a p3 450 or a k63 600 should do it.

The pauses you have are because the cd rom is slowing down and speeding up while the program is not accessing it.

So make an iso or copy of the psx cdrom on your hardrive and the problem should go away.
As it did on my lowly k63+600.

I must admit though that the Nvidia cards have a nice 2d filtering effect which makes vgs graphics more appealing though a little blurry.

Im using a voodoo3.
And as for you geforce users Unreal Tournament engine based games and Summoner run faster on voodoos than the geforce.

It's a fact.

Voodoo3's are very good products which came from a somewhat ill managed company true but I swear by my voodoo.

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Hmm, I am running with:

800 PIII
256 RAM
nVidia Riva TNT m64

Everything works fine, except the bubbles with a ? or a ! is sometimes messed up on the screen. Other than that, the game runs at normal speed throughout the whole game.

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I am using ePSXe to run FF9. It runs great. Except...

[possible spoiler]

At that one part on Disc 4, I believe, when you are about to enter the Iifa tree, and you have to go into that red glowing thing at the top, then an FMV comes showing sky ships blowing the dragons out of the sky... Anyways, the battle with the dragon is VERY slow, it's probably because of the background. I have to switch between VGS and ePSXe in order to play successfully, :)
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