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Recent unexplainable trouble with ePSXe

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I've been using ePSXe since the first release and have never encountered any problem I couldn't resolve thruogh the usual methods. In the last few days, however, I have lost the ability to control anything in a game. I can map my controller in ePSXe and the button presses register, but when the game starts, nothing. All I can do is watch any opening mdec, see the menu, or intro and demos running. Nothing has changed in my system, other than a video card driver update. I have uninstalled/reinstalled my controller, which works 100% in all other emulators and PC games, and there are no problems under Control Panel. I was using v1.0.1 for months without experiencing this, then the other day it started. I uninstalled, then installed 1.4.0 with no luck. I can't figure out whether this is an ePSXe issue or something in my system. It appears to be both, since it started out of the blue, and yet there are no problems with any other software. Anyone have any advice, other than reformat/reinstall everything?
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ummm...try pressing F4 and see if it makes a difference.
if F4, F7 etc... don't work, check your version
and health :) of directx. Specifically the input section. Try running dxdiag and see if there are any errors. Just a wild guess.
F7? that's the crono cross fix.

Sleestak, try pressing F5 and then F4. Hopefully that'll work.
Well, when i have problems, i just take my finger
and start at F1 and go.....rrrrriiiipppp, all the way to F12. (just kidding).
Really though, i must have gotten my F's mixed up.
Sorry :)

(now,where did i put that copy of chrono cross?
you thought you had beaten me? Well, guess again chrono!)
Thanks! F5 did the trick, though I wish I could understand how. According to the readme, it just cycles through pad "types", which I've done while in the pad configuration menu before and after running a game, with no luck. Goofy.
I wish I knew also. Your guess is as good as mine.
Sleestak, I noticed your name and just had to comment. Land of the Lost was one of my favorite shows when I was much younger. I didn't think anyone still remembered that show. For it's day, the Dinosaur animations were really cool. I'm glad to see that someone else remembers it and is helping to keep its memory alive.
Well, it was a tossup between that or Sigmund the Seamonster. ;)
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