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reboot software.

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i need a software recommendation.

as a teacher and a computer lab admin, i need to keep the pc's in my comp lab safe and secure. but some of my students are always itching to install stuffs like free screensavers and what not. my friends told me there's a software that let's you to lock the pc so that whenever the comp reboots, it goes back to original setting. do you guys know any of this software? which one is a good one?
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How about Roxio Goback.
I'm not sure about software, but perhaps you could give each of your students a login/pass on the guest access level. This way, they wouldn't be able to install any programs. Of course, this won't protect against spyware and other crap that they can install via IE.

BTW, Norton also has a program available called "Go Back." However, I don't anything about it. You may want to look into it.
Our school uses [Link=]Faronics DeepFreeze.[/link] We've done tests, putting anything from spyware to warez to viruses. It all went away.

Or if you're looking for a free solution for shutdown/reboot/messaging, [link=]This Program[/link] works wonders if you have local admin access to the machines (your login, not theirs).
You want some remote imaging and control software.. Altiris is what we have at my labs but it's kinda obscure.. Norton Ghost can do similiar **** prolly.
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