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Get this...
I went to a job interview. My interviewer turned out to be the owner/founder (or whatever) of the company, and he was apperantly a genius or a prodigy or some thing. Immediately after the introduction, he asked me to solve 3 "puzzle" type problems. The first one I got immediately, the second one I got after about 20 mins of thinking/working on it. The third I answer after almost another 20 mins on it. He said he accepted my answer as correct, it really wasn't the best version of the answer.

He soon proceeded to show me the system he was working on with maybe up to 300 contract employees working from all over the world. It was a system similar to except it was for business networks not social networks. He actually told me that his goal for this project was to have every government in the world using his system in the future. That would mean that, we would all have an account and all the business we do with the government (taxes, drivers license, etc) would be done through this system. He is definately ambitious, and I soon asked him about his education. He told me that he dropped out of school at age 13 and he was teaching at CalTech when he was 18. He wrote his first C compiler in 1974 he said. And he has been running a small highly successful company for the past twenty years. His company has designed the internal work/computer systems of the likes of Disney. They work with other large companies.

Anyway Again,
He tould me that the system he is working on right now ( the one that will rule the world one day) is written completely in HTML, Javascript, and REBOL (
I had never heard about rebol but he highly recommended it because of its ease of use to do many types of network operations.
Rebol is a LISP like language. LISP is a "dead" AI language from back in the day.

Anyway Again Again,
I have used it to do something that I anticipated would be a big project that I would do in C++ or C#. With Rebol, I basically did this project one Saturday, (While I was learning REBOL!!).

The greatest benefit of Rebol compared to most other languages I've used (C++, C#, Java, etc.) is that you can do something with one line of code that would require multiple lines or even blocks of code in other languages...

for instance,
I wanted to make an http request and save the response to disk in code.
(meaning get a web page ( and save it to disk as an html file in code)
I did this in C#, it took me probably 20-30 lines of code.
I had to setup all these objects, and do at least 5 other things just to get the page, then another 5 things at least to save the page to disk.

I did this in REBOL, It took 2 lines of code.

So, in other words, I like it.
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