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Hi guys

I don't know what happened. But today whenever I try to play a video through windows media player or real media player. These files are .wmv files and other regular .mpeg files. They don't work at all. I checked I do have all the codecs for the files that need them like (.avi). But all I see is a black screen with the sound playing. Its like it doesn't go all audio with the special effects, but its more like just a plain black screen. :( I don't know what happened. They worked perfectly yesterday.

This is very confusing. :(

Could you guys please help me. ???

Thank you.

I'll really appreciate it.

Thank you

EDIT: Quicktime is the only one that works.

EDIT2: Now they are working.... I just had to do complete shut down. Then turn on the computer again. Don't know why I had to this, but very strange to say the least.
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