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Read this First before Posting!!!!

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Compatibility list has been moved to a nicer location :p!!!!
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Thats a plan, maybe we should place the excel spreadsheet somewhere on a server we can all access, then when we test games we update the list, instead of making millions of threads, but we can use the threads to post shots, but the spreadsheet can show the current status of a game.

just need 4 columns

Game name, Status, Setup, Comments (for special conditions/thoughts)

but good idea rudy :)
Rudy_x said:
ok, ofcourse updated!! (but for that i'm not making every reply. so regular check for that!(i added date+time))

I add a link to the betaforum, so if you click on the "Titel" (the upperleft cel) you directly being forward to the main betaforum :)

nice one :)

what you could do instead of posting everytime you update, just put in your original post

Last updated: July 12 2005

or something, then just edit it when you do
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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