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Read this First before Posting!!!!

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Compatibility list has been moved to a nicer location :p!!!!
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i had talked with shadow about a compatibility list :p

so i wanted to use this sheed for it :p.

so it's now online to access it, if you want to post it, but maybe soon also on the site!

but i need to talk it over with shadow again :)
Ok, i know i'm a little crazy :p :p

But after 7,5 hours i've redone the list :) :)

I'm just working on 1 latest thing and then the list is complete!

For now! enjoy it :emb: :emb:

Ok, The last feature for now has implemented!

The list contains now hyperlinks to the threads in the Beta-forum!

It's ofcourse only usefull for people which can enter the forum!

Anyway, now you don't have to search for it, just click on the name!!!


Ps: If there is a wrong Link or a game missing (not a game which has been add recently ofcourse) please notify me!
ok, ofcourse updated!! (but for that i'm not making every reply. so regular check for that!(i added date+time))

I add a link to the betaforum, so if you click on the "Titel" (the upperleft cel) you directly being forward to the main betaforum :)

because of a re-install i lagged behind! but now the list is updated again !

(replied to notify it didn't die :p)
Ok people, we've reached the 400+ :)

413 to be precise now :)..

Looking at the status from al the games, pcsx2 is at this rate :p

Full-playable (5) = 1,2%
Playable (135) = 32,7%
Ingame (66) = 16,0%
Menus (60) = 14,5%
Intro (64) = 15,5%
Nothing (83) = 20,1%

hehehe, just some statistics :evil:

Anyway, i also reorganized the FPS section.

the playable games are sorted in sections of:

0 - 05 Fps
0 - 10 Fps
0 - 15 Fps
0 - 20 Fps
0 - 25 Fps
0 - 30 Fps
30 Fps (100%)
0 - 40 Fps
0 - 50 Fps
50 Fps (100%)
0 - 60 Fps
60 Fps (100%)

In excel you can sort the games on those sections :D

oh and...... maybe this was my last update :) afteral there is a database coming. But i'm still thinking about update it besides it!

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Ok, Due the big effort of Generplot, we have past the 500 tested games :thumb:

also in excel only i have added a first colum were you can first filter the begin letter and then search for the titel.

So if you want to search for example "Rumble Roses" you first select the "R" and then all the "R" titled games are shown! :)

Good Luck! and lets hit the DAMN 1000 :evil: :evil:
1 - 8 of 11 Posts
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