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Read or Die - ElePaperAction

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If watched Read or Die or R.O.D The TV then you know about "The Paper" and the "Paper Dectective Sisters" making weapons, shields, planes and animals from paper.

I found this neat beat'em up game - ElecPaperAction, where you can take their roles.

There's a demo on this site were you can play the Paper Dectective Sisters.

If you can't read Japanese try these links:

Anita is good for close combat.
Michelle can shoot the targets with the arrows.
Maggie can create barriers for protection and animals to fight.

When you attack you use up your paper reserve. If the paper reserve is too low you can't create different attacks. You only gain more paper by destroying the enemies.

The graphics are in 2D sprites and the background is 3D, but I find the sprites break up a bit when the camera zooms in onto the characters. The resolution is also quite low at 640x480.

I find the game a little on the hard side because I died in level 2, but this game is pretty good game based on the R.O.D universe.

Here's my gallery from the game.
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Geez those are some awesome screens! hows the game play like? (e.g. what game can you compare it to) i'm a sucker for 2D action titles with an intricate combo system etc and looks pretty fun so info kthnx :thumb:
oh man, ROD was a cool anime. this looks like one of the SNES TMNT games...
I love R.O.D :D Excellent anime.. thanks for the info RZ.
The full version of the ElePaperAction was released recently at comiket 68.

The full version has an intro, tutorial, more levels and the ability to play Yomiko Readman.

While the Paper Detective Sisters are specialized attackers, Yomiko Readman is the all-in-one swiss army knife. Yomiko can produced shields, traps, multiple attacks and a large paper plane!
You can watch this video I created of Yomiko Readman using all of her paper powers.

Mirror (Link good for seven days from today)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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