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Re uploaded / new stuff

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ok, now, thanks to wormie, the popuops are completely gone :) and new stuff was added (grim fandango WP, Eye of sauron, some minor details and Dixon's avatar).

btw, this is quickly becoming my fav NGemu section :)
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> popuops are completely gone


> this is quickly becoming my fav NGemu section

I'll have to post in here in a short while...
er Neo I hate to be the git but I just got a popup :(
if u got there from my sig its not yet upgraded.
the new URL is

another thing, thanks to a nice tip from bobbi the whole thing is now centered w/ no frame probs... looks preetier doesnt it ;)
cool. :)
thank you ;)

im currently busy w/ tolkien :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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