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May some one please tell me step by step instructions to why everytime i play P64 emulator with RE it turns to hell Imediently after the first N64 advert passes? I have the rom right here and my n64 controler just broke and i want to remember what happends at the end of re 2 without looking at youtube for once......Step By Step plox my friend has the same problem

Heres what will happen(no its not about graphics or soundcards) When i load up RE 2 everything runs smoothly to the 2 begining adverts to the loading screen with that damned eye.Right when i play NEW GAME and load the info it gets to the little play by play movie about what happend to that S.T.A.R.S team in that mansion with all those hungery hungery dogs outside Heres the thing It plays the sounds...Not the voices weird right? it'll play zombie moans gun shots foot-steps that px.echo footsteps that they put in the first one no voices i'll get to the part with the guy in that gunshop and its like some one pressed the MUTE button

Please Help :???:
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