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History: I had used my razer serval 2years ago and played assassin's creed 2 and 3 on it no problem (without the x360ce app), it was just plug and play!
Today: I opened my razer serval box and tried to connect it to my computer both wired and bluetooth and found out that my triggers weren't working at all.. It doesnt detect it (used both the windows gamepad properties and x360ce to confirm this).
So I had a feeling that it was a hardware problem. Until I connected it to my android phone and used the Game Controller Keymapper app and found that my triggers were working as expected.

What do I do? (all guides direct me to a problem I don't have:1) Controller triggers don't work when pressed at the same time
2)How to assign triggers)
(I had my doubts and was about to buy a new controller when I noticed the working triggers on the android phone)
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