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Here is my review of RAYCRISIS on EpsxE after finishing it a zillion times already :)

System Played On
Pentium III 733Mhz
448 Mb SDram Pc133
Inno3d Geforce 2 MX400 64MB AGP
Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer
Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad Pro
Windows 98SE

Epsxe Version 1.4

--Plugins Used--
Pete's Direct 3d / Pete's Open GL (Both Version1.51)
Pete's Cd Reader
Null's Audio Plugin

Okay, so I go to EB and buy Raycrisis. (15 bucks). Anxious, I go home and pop it in my CD drive. I load up my default configfuration, and launch the game. Wow, the pretty logo greets my eyes, as the game checks for my memory card... and then hangs. :(

After 10 minutes wondering what's wrong and formatting a lot of memory cards for no reason, I finally realize the game needs the "SIO IRQ ALWAYS ON"

Most of the time, enabling this option makes your joy/gamepad to not respond, but you can always toggle it with the F4 Key to your liking.

After that, I load the game, and now it works. (Woohoo) Anyway, hitting the F4 key after the memory card screen passes, I'm greeted by traditional "RayXXXX" screen, giving me three chocies to make, with a picture of a ship in the background.

I'll get strait to the point with the rest of the review.

---Pete's D3D---
Talk about slow down. While using pete's d3d, I was greeted by excelent colors, shapes, right lighting, and everything was dandy. However, the d3d plugin really can slow your performance down a bit, making it seem like a REAL PSX! :)

---Pete's Open GL---
Ah, speed, speed, speed. Beautfiual speed. What more can you ask? Well, if you enable all the "pretty" options, you'll be in for a bad surprise. Swtich off some of them to get rid of "Black polygon" errors while playing the game. For some reason, certain enemy lazer shots have a thick black box behind them, and can make the game really ugly. In the end, you get VERY MINOR glitches, but you get incredible speed.

---Other plugins---
What can I say? They work. Sound great. No slowdowns, no music glitches. EpsxE emulates it perfectly.

The Game Itself

Its a SHUMP. What can I say? Not much replay value AT ALL. But it is fun when you have that 10 minutue rush to kill everything in site.

You get a choice of 3 ships, and 2 secret ships in the game. Although the 2 secret ships are nothing more than the original ships from RAYSTORM.

All the ships play the same, except the WR-03. Its a new ship, and one of the "love it or hate it" designs. Simply put, its slow, shoots a lot of homing missles as its main weapon, and has 24-lock on lazer weapon thingy.

For those of you who don't know, here's a run down.

Wave Rider 01

Your basic "Raystormish" ship with a few modifications. First, its a lot SLOWER than the R-Gray series. It has the same features as the original R-Gray 01, which means a wide spread shot, and "snake" lazer shots that have a maximum lock of 8. All "WAVE RIDER" ships have a "Round Divider", which I guess is some type of atomic smart bomb that obliterates everything on screen. Very strong, and literally kills everything on screen, even bullets.

Wave Rider 02
De ja vu. Plays just like the R-Gray 02, but is a lot slower, and the lazer shot is the same. As with the other wave riders, the "Special" lock on system is slightly altered in the Wave Rider series, which gives more of a "hanging" effect, rather than "quick punch" effect. Although useful, not as strong as the original "Special" locks of the R-Grays. This ship comes with the standard "Strait Beam" shot, and 16 lock "lightning" cannon thingy.

Wave Rider 03
OH! OH! Something new at last. Completely different from the other ships from the game, and previous "RAYXXXX" series of games. This ship has "homing torpedo" as its main weapon, but don't let the name bark so loud for its bite. The main weapon is EXTREMELY weak. But, it homes, and it homes fast. Basically, you'll knock every living little ship in the game with this main weapon, but will be annoyed when you are trying to fight bosses and "big" enemy ships. The "Lock" on system goes up to a whooping 24 lock on maximum, but the "proton" shots that are fired are EXTREMELY WEAK. Even the "Special" lock is weak, and makes you feel a bit empty when you have to lock 24 times just to get a lack luster effect and damage. On the plus side, this ship can rake up a lot of points, since it keeps "Encroachment" way down. Ironically, this ship usually gets the highest scores.

R-Gray 01
The orginal ship from RayStorm. The R-Gray ships seem a lot faster in control compared to the Wave Rider ships. Their weapons seems to discharge faster, and their special attack is also different. It is the original "wide spread blue blast" bomb that affects a focused area than a large area. Sadly, the "old" bomb comapred to the "Round Divider" is actually the same strength, if not just a little, and I mean a little stronger. The Round Divider also has a much larger radius, (the entire screen) rather than 3/4 of it. Bascially, the new smart bomb on the Wave Riders is better. As for the ships weapons, it is identical to the Wave Rider 01, except that the "Snake" lockons do a lot more damage, and have a different "Special" lock on bomb that is A LOT faster than the WR-01.

R-Gray 02
Same as above. Weapons are exactly like the Wave Rider 02, but this ship kicks a little more. The main beam seems a lot stronger than the Wave Rider's Main gun. Its special lock on bomb is REALLY A LOT stronger than the Wave Rider 02's lock on bomb, and in my personal opinion, the strongest lock on bomb in the entire line up of ships. The "Black hole" effect acts as a mini atomic bomb itself, except it doesn't soak up bullets :)

The "Suck-o" metter. This tells you how bad you SUCK! The higher the metter, the more you SUCK. Simple as that. Reach 100, and you suck big. Keep it low, and watch your ego and points sky rocket to the sky. They even start taking away points FAST if you reach 100, where you see your points start to actually go backward until you get rid of the 100 rating. So do you best to keep the percentage down, and you'll end "up" on the list.

After playing the game a few times, I averaged this ship with others, and here's what I got.

(Scale of A-F)

Wave Rider 01
Main Cannon (Wide Spread) = C
Lazer Lock System = B
Lock Bomb = B
Speed = C
Round Divider = A

Wave Rider 02
Main Cannon (Focused) = B
Lazer Lock System = C
Lock Bomb = B-
Speed = C
Round divider =A

Wave Rider 03
Main Cannon (Homing) = C-
Lazer Lock System = B-
Lock Bomb = C
Speed = C
Round Divider = A

R-Gray 01
Main Cannon (Wide Shot) = C
Lazer Lock System = A
Lock Bomb = B
Speed = B
Special Attack = C

R-Gray 02
Main Cannon (Focused) = B
Lazer Lock System = C+
Lock Bomb = A
Speed = B
Special Attack = C

Final Conclusion On This Game

+ Play it on a emulator, the graphics are a lot better
+ EpsxE seems to run it just fine
+ This game is a SHUMP, so its price is usually very low.
+ Entertaining, good levels as always from the Taito team.
+ A must for all previous "Rayxxx" series fans

- Like all shumps, reaplay value is limited
- Been there, done that feel

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To make a screen shot just press F8 during play(in Pete's plugins).
You'll get a .bmp which will be to big of a file to post here, so you have to open it in a picture editor and resave it as a .jpg
Then when you make a post there's a button to browse for an attachment which can be pictures, zip files, etc., but must be under 204000 bytes.
Please post your screenshots in the screenshot forum. People will find them.

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review's a little off i'm affraid...

I don't know what that guys talkin about, but I've got a GeForce2 GTS and RayCrisis runs FLAWLESS in OpenGL. Everything looks perfect and there are NO graphical glitches. The game simply looks amazing, Dreamcast quality in my opinion. And as for his comments about it not having any replay value, he's dead wrong. Raycrisis has two different endings, lots of difficulty levels, and two very different play modes. For any shmup fan this game has PLENTY of replay value. I bought it when it was brand new and still play it every now and then (I've got the whole RayForce trilogy).

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Ah. Thanks for the info about the screen shots, I'll try my best to get working on them.

As for the "Replay value" comment, I won't say this game doesn't have any replay value, but I'll "Tilt" it to be fair to Non-Shump fans.
I am a reviewer, and as such, I must aim a the specific party (SHUMP FANS) and the rest of the community (NON SHUMP FANS).

Extra Review/Commentary

This game has two endings on which depends on how well you played through the game in original mode. In other words, try not to loose too many ships, don't use a continue, keep encroachment down, etc.

However, the endings aren't very different from one another, and they end like all "SHUMP" endings do. What's that you mean? Simple, the "two" endings are actually almost identical, save a few screen shots of the "pilots", and extra "artwork" while the credits roll by "Too" fast for you to even give credit to the people who made it. This is a SHUMP, don't expect grand endings. As a matter of fact, if you have played SHUMPS a lot in the past, you will realize that you are lucky to get an ending at all! ( For those annoying but fun days when you had to beat a game on maximum difficulty just to see that SHUMP's 1 minute ending. :) )

Replay Value (SHUMP Gamers)
For the Shumper, this game does indeed have replay value. It has 5 diffculty settings that you may set to challenge yourself and set a new high score. But, you don't get any "easter" eggs for finishing at a harder difficulty, save just a better score.

Most of the time, SHUMPS give you extra incentives on finishing the game with a harder mode. Raycrisis doesn't really care what difficulty you are on. The idea is to "die" as little as possible without using continues.

Most of the "Art gallery" in the game, and the addditional ships, are from you finishing the game with all the ships. So even if you put it in easy mode, you can unlock the "bonuses" in the game.

Replay Value (Non-Shumper)
This game is short. Mark my words, short. In "Special Mode" in which you play throughout the game's entire level design, you should be able to beat it in 15-20 minutes. When you realize you just dished out that money to finish in 15-20 minutes, you will feel a bit empty. But hey, this is a "SHUMP", and that's the way it works. Although EINHANDER veterans who have played the game through and through, realize how much more of a "Fulfilling" gaming expereince that was.

This game DOES not have a two player mode unlike its big brother version in the arcade. So you'll be soloing it for the entire mission.

Difficulty levels are somewhat identical. As funny as it sounds, playing the game on "Easy" and "Normal" yield no significant difference. "Hard" is probably and actually the "Normal" level, because everything seems to "feel" right. The ships don't zip by too fast, and the bullets don't fly to you at 200mph.

Then there is the "Insane" and "Max" difficulty levels. These levels are fun, but are of no use to the non-casual shumper. Why? Simply put, people who don't play shumps often will consider these modes impossible to finish. Its fun to try, for 4 times. Then you just get bored playing level 1 up to level 3 until you get blown up and have to do it all over again.

Put things shorty, this game is a "ARCADE" shump. Shoot everything up, rack up the points, and do it all over again with a smile. If you need the rush, pick up this game. If you need some eye candy, pick up this game. If you are looking for a more in depth SHUMP, look elsewhere.

Quick Commentary For Non-Shumper

If you don't actually like SHUMP games in the past, but plan to play them once in a while, then there is something I recommend to you. Since these games do indeed get tedious quickly if you don't like them.

Try buying "Multiple" shumps at a time. They usually are A LOT cheaper than rpgs out there. Usually, the price of 2 or 3 shumps combined equal the price of 1 rpg.

By doing this, you'll be able to enjoy the shump longer, since you will have more variety. Play one game, and then beat it once. Switch to the other and then beat that game. Then switch back to the other and try to flip it using different stuff, etc.

Its a good thing to do for SHUMPERS as well. I promise it will prolong your gaming experience with these types of games. Like fighting games without any competition, you get BORED fast playing SHUMPS on single player mode. Eventually, they get thrown back onto the "Play once now and then" pile. Something all games try to avoid. :)

EpsxE Reply to "Open GL Works Perfectly"

That's great. I hope you enjoy it.

All people have different configuration on systems. Some things work for people, others don't.

If there was a "true" guideline to all this emulation madness, there would be very little posts on these boards.

I wouldn't see "FFIX" problems a zillion times anymore, and the famous "It works on mine, I don't know why it doesn't work on yours" posts.

I gave my system specs. I get small minor glitches when running in Open GL mode. That's just me. Overall, the game emulates almost if not flawlessly. You can get it to work better? Then a crunchy cookie to you :)

That ends this litttle add on to my review. I'll try to get those screenies up asap.
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