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Random Vin Diesel Fact

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I believe this, surprisingly, wasn't posted here yet:

Some of the "facts" are absolutely hilarious.

[]s Badaro
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Upon successfully viewing Vin Diesel's anus, one wins thirty dollars in cash. The only drawback is that one must retrieve the thirty dollars from Vin Diesel's anus.
Vin Diesel once journeyed through all the lands of the earth in search of the only living wise man with the power to cure cancer. Upon finding this legendary man, Vin Diesel cut out his liver with a bendy straw and consumed his eyes in order that man never be free from torment.
Wow, what a bad ass :p

But why choosing Vin Diesel?

SJ Games Fnord generator is still my favorite, though :p

Karl Rove takes the Chinese laptop and assumed responsibility for the Last National Bank.
Most people don't know this, but the bible actually ends with Vin Diesel showing up at the crucifixion with a pair of Uzi's and kicking some Roman ass. Vin Diesel was all like, "Jesus, I totally saved you." Then, off on the horizon, a bunch of Romans show up riding dinosaurs led by Mecha Pontious Pilate. Jesus busts out this sweet ninja sword and says, "Now it's my turn to save you." Then Jesus and Vin Diesel run towards the Romans in slow motion. That's how the bible ends. It's a cliff-hanger. I can't wait for the sequel, "The Bible 2: Water...Into Blood".
:rolleyes: I Don't know what to say.
hey i actually found a true fact

" If you say Vin Diesel 3 times out loud in front of a mirror, nothing will happen."

Katsuya's fact was the best ;)
Boltzmann said:
But why choosing Vin Diesel?
AFAIK it was a poll. There was also one for the next Random Fact, which I beleive Chuck Norris won. :)

[]s Badaro
Interesting. The Chuck Norris one will be interesting :p

(Norris is just as bad as Steven Seagal :lol: )
>Vin Diesel spends his days going aroud from synagogue to synagogue collecting foreskins of all the circumsized Jewish boys. He keeps them in an old coffee tin in his garage.

>He once extracted a 100 watt light bulb from a woman's vagina by inserting an Ikea floor lamp and screwing it onto the bulb's threads.

>Vin Diesel once conducted an experiment in which he ate a ream of paper, washed it down with Alphaghetti, and **** out a dictionary.

>Vin Diesel can cut 2" thick steel piping using only his rectum and Beatrice Arthur.

>Vin Diesel actually invented the fork, after seeing the chopstick and reportedly saying "That ****'s for ****, yo."

>When Vin Diesel dies, he will return to the Life Stream and stop Meteor.

Knowing this, I wish I was Vin Diesel...or the guy that came up with this stuff.
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Vin Diesel has written several Star Trek scripts to the producers of the show. Reportedly, Gene Roddenbury's favorite episode was written by Vin Diesel and filmed, but never aired due to Spock's gratuitous use of the phrase 'To the Xtreme!!'
There Ya Go Boltzmann :p
All of the characters in the movie "Big Trouble In Little China" were loosely based upon Vin Diesel.
One of my favorite movies :), who woulda thunk it.
Vin Diesel has a twin brother named Evil Denis. He is actually quite nice; its just that their parents were fond of anagrams.

Vin Diesel once intentionally broke his collarbone into 5000 pieces. He made a new one using magic and used the broken pieces to create the Roman colloseum. When it was destroyed, Vin was furious and killed Caesar.

Thor once challenged Vin Diesel to a duel at sunrise, but backed off when he saw Vin eating rusty nails for breakfast that morning.

The Sears Tower contains enough Vin Diesel to build 3four-lane highways, and two porno shops.

Vin Diesel is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a salsa-filled sock.
Some of these...are indescribable
N1ghtw0lf said:
There Ya Go Boltzmann :p
Good one ;)

Maybe Vin Diesel was the guy mentioned by Harlan Ellison in one of his always funny anecdotes.

Ellison was talking about a guy who was "helping" him to write a screenplay for a Star Trek episode, and the guy wanted to put Aztecs side by side with dinosaurs, because he thought that "Aztecs are cool" :lol:

N1ghtw0lf said:
One of my favorite movies :), who woulda thunk it.
I love this movie as well. The only good movie featuring Kurt Russell, IMHO.
Hee's an interesting Few.

Vin Diesel was responsible for a short-lived line of personal care products. Only one ever reached the market: "Vin Diesel's Molten Tungsten Nasal Douche" which was withdrawn shortly after launch when it was realised it had the side-effect of permanently blinding users who were not Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel was the first man to land on the moon, but since his first words uttered were: "I claim this land in the name of the Hamburglar!", the American Government was forced to create the conspiracy we all know today.

Contrary to popular belief, the brassierre was not invented for feminine breast support, but to function as a jockstrap for Vin Diesel's gargantuan testicles.
He's also leet:

Vin Diesel plays counter strike and goes by the name "myg0t_ViN+DieSeL=GoDLiKe".
hahahahah myg0t.
For the science geeks :p

Vin Diesel created oxygen by squeezing water really hard.

I love this one:

Vin Diesel, with the help of Eli Whitney, invented the Cotton Gin. Whitney wanted to call it the "Cotton Rum" but Diesel wouldn't have it. To settle the dispute, Diesel beat Whitney to death with a bag of dog sh!t.
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